Museum Collections

As his personal collection grew, Jim Gatchell displayed the many artifacts he was gifted throughout the years in the back room of his drugstore.  After his death, his family donated his collection to Johnson County and The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum was officially established in 1957. Since then, residents of Buffalo, Johnson County, Wyoming, and other states have generously donated hundreds of more items to the museum and the collection continues to grow.

The museum allows qualified researchers appropriate access to the art, archives, and artifacts. Access to the collection is by advance appointment only. A museum staff member must be present during the researcher’s visit. Research requests in person or by letter, telephone, or email are welcome.

Today, over 20,000 artifacts make up the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum’s collection of documents, photographs, firearms, clothing, and wagons. The museum’s Collections Department is responsible for the care and collection of all artifacts.