We’re so grateful that you’re interested in supporting the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum — your contributions help us preserve and celebrate the rich legacy of Johnson County.



If you would like to donate directly to support the projects and programs of the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum, please consider donating to the museum’s restricted funds.

These funds are used solely for their defined purposes and are built by the generosity of our donors. No county/taxpayer funds are included.

Current and ongoing projects include:

  • Artifacts
  • Education
  • The Bob Edwards Memorial Archive
  • Exhibits
  • Museum Press
  • Marketing and Advertising


The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum collects artifacts that tell the rich and unique history of Johnson County. Photographs, clothing, documents, art, and memorabilia are just a portion of what the Museum collects.

While emphasis is placed on those items specific to Johnson County’s history, the Museum will occasionally collect objects from outside the area, especially if they enhance already existing collections, or are representative of objects generally available in the area.

The Museum is committed to preserving the history of the community for future generations. To that end, special care is given to collections in the areas of handling, exhibition, and storage. Acid-free storage materials, low light levels, and good housekeeping are just a few of the ways the Museum ensures a long life to the objects entrusted to its care.

For more information about donating artifacts, download this form and contact Jennifer Romanoski