The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum Press publishes history texts that directly pertain to Johnson County, Wyoming. Press publications are inspired by our rich cultural history, with an emphasis on the frontier era.


Guns of the Gatchell is a museum favorite as it presents an array of information about the manufacture and capabilities, the strengths and weaknesses of Winchesters, Sharps, military rifles, shotguns and handguns of all types that are part of the collection of Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum.

Other publications include Frontier Wyoming, The South Pass 67‘ers – A Wyoming Gold Rush, Fort McKinney – A Wyoming Frontier Post, and A Postcard History of Wyoming. The press also publishes a non-fiction history series for the Big Horn-Powder River region of Wyoming called “Big Horn Tales.”


Interested in contributing to the JGMM Press? Contact Jennifer Romanoski at educator@jimgatchellmuseum.com
for more details! or 307-684-9331



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