2018 – 2019 Education Numbers

The museum finished its fiscal year on June 30. Every year our educator assesses our programs and categorizes the numbers into four areas: off-site free programs, off-site paid programs, on-site free programs, and on-site paid programs. For the 2018 – 2019 season:

  • the museum presented 100 programs, slightly down from 106 programs last year
  • the museum reached 1,997 people in our off-site free programs. Compared to our average numbers of 1,505 people, we saw a 25% increase in attendance. Last year’s impressive number (3,025) was an anomaly due to our 2017 Johnson County Cattle War Symposium and other programs, therefore we chose not to include last year’s numbers in our average
  • the museum saw 137 people attend as part of tour groups this year (on-site paid programs), an increase of 35% compared to our average numbers of 89 people
  • the museum presented to 1,059 people at on-site free programs compared to 978 last year, an increase of 8%
  • the museum reached 319 individuals this year in off-site paid programs but excluding the outlier year, our average of 253 people means we witnessed a 21% increase
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