Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum Scouts Program

The Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum offers activities for Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts at the museum. These activities are designed to help scouts earn, or work towards earning badges, charms, and merit awards. There are activities for:

  • Tiger Scouts
  • Wolf Scouts
  • Bear Scouts
  • Boy Scouts
  • Brownie Girl Scouts
  • Junior Girl Scouts
  • Girl Scouts 11-17

In addition, scouts have the opportunity to earn a special award known as the Jim Gatchell Memorial Museum button. Read the requirements below to learn how to earn the button.

These activities are free unless otherwise noted in the pamphlet. To learn more, contact museum educator Jennifer Romanoski at or 307-684-9331

To download the pamphlets to begin planning troop activities, please click on the links below: